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Our Mission
Photos on this page provided by Matt Schliske

The American Bamboo Rodmakers Association is a non-profit organization designed to promote the use of finely-crafted bamboo rods to the general fly-fishing public. Our main goal is to use professional advertisements in mainstream fly fishing publications to dispel the myths surrounding bamboo rods and to educate the public about modern rodmakers.

100% of members dues are used for national advertising campaigns and business administration expenses (printing & mailing membership applications, web site, etc.) All elected board members volunteer their time and energy. Our national advertising campaign is designed by professionals with over 30 years of experience.

Company Profile

  • Officers of ABRA
    • President [Jeff Fultz] Insures the association adheres to its mission. 

    • Vice President [Currently Open] Duties as assigned by the president including overseeing the election process and provide liaison between the association and its regions. 

    • Secretary [Dave Collyer] Maintain the official books of the association including membership rosters.

    • Treasurer [Charles Irvine] Maintains financial records of the association. 

    • President Elect [Currently Open] Leads membership recruitment efforts and oversees advertising programs.

    • Board members at large [Ron Barch, Steve Jenkins, Jeff Hatton, Stephen Kiley, Joe Beelart] 


Contact Information


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Denver, CO 80223

Electronic mail
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