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 Dear prospective ABRA member,

The idea of an advertising co-op in our industry has been bounced around for years. Now it has finally happened. With the help and input of a hand full of other full-time bamboo rodmakers, I have incorporated the American Bamboo Rodmakers Association in the state of Colorado. This is an organization whose time has come that will ensure our craft continues to grow and thrive. Our advertising campaign focuses on showing the fly-fishing public what American made  bamboo rods are all about. Our advertisements direct subscribers to our website: Once at the website, viewers are able to browse through comprehensive informative articles concerning bamboo rods. An interactive national map directs viewers to locate rodmakers and supporters who are members of ABRA. Association members can choose to have their contact information listed on the website as well as a link to their own website. This association is for the benefit of all of us. United, we can make a difference.

Founding President, ABRA

Jeff Fultz

If you are a rodmaker or want to be a supporter of finely-crafted bamboo rods, please consider joining our organization and letting your voice be heard. Memberships are open to anyone but we will only provide links and contact information for members residing in North, Central, or South America. Annual dues are $100 of which 100% goes toward the magazine advertising campaign and administrative expenses. ABRA has NO paid staff. ABRA members elect an association treasurer who is responsible for keeping track of all finances so you can be assured your money will be used for its intended purpose. It takes approximately 35 membership dues to purchase a full page advertisement in one of the leading fly-fishing magazines. ABRA can obtain discounts if advertising space is purchased in  advance so we have extended a discount for those who wish to pay for multiple year memberships. Save 5% with a two-year membership and 8% with a three-year membership.  

Please print the  ABRA Membership Application and send check or money order to the address at the bottom. 


For corporate memberships please contact Jeff Fultz at (303) 722-6324 or