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Why Bamboo - Jeff Fultz
Bamboo Rod Care - Dave Collyer
Stradivarius or Yamaha; Tool or Treasure - Ralph Moon
Split Bamboo Fly Rods Too Slow, Too Soft, Too Fragile. Donít You Believe It! - Ron Barch
Sensitive Rods for Sensitive Fish - Lee Koch
Wear and Tear - Bob Maulucci (PDF)
Boise, Bambo, and the Big Sky - Bob Maulucci (PDF)
Steelhead I - Bob Maulucci (PDF)
Steelhead II - Bob Maulucci (PDF)
Tom Morgan Interview - Bob Maulucci (PDF)
Joe Perrigo Interview - Bob Maulucci (PDF)
Jim Bureau Interview - Bob Maulucci (PDF)
Farmington to Rangeley: Bamboo Fly Rods and Tourism in 19th. Century Maine - David P. Van Burgel & Kathy Scott (PDF)
Vintage Rod Classification - Coming soon
Making Bamboo Rods - Coming soon
History of Bamboo Rods - Coming soon