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(Zac Sexton and Mojo) 

Welcome to the American Bamboo Rodmakers Association website. The purpose of this site and our association is to promote bamboo fly rods. Within this site are many informative articles about bamboo rods, their care, use and even interviews with those who make them. If you would like to try out a bamboo rod, please use our directory to find a maker or dealer near you. Many of today's great rodmakers are more than willing to work with you on options and prices. You might be surprised to find that a good quality, well-made bamboo rod can be purchased for the same amount as many high end graphite rods. Most of today's rodmakers also offer great warranties. So feel free to browse our site and if you haven't tried a bamboo fly rod, get one in your hands, you really don't know what you've been missing!


ABRA is sponsored and supported by the following corporations, please visit their websites where you will find many of the products and components used in constructing a fine bamboo fly rod.


ABRA Brochure (Microsoft Publisher File)